Exterior Hose Bibs Quail HomesJust like every Quail homeowner, every custom home we build is unique. One thing that remains the same is the individual approach we provide during construction.

Here you see two Quail homeowners in the same basic stage of construction who are at their framing walk-through. What’s that, you ask? Read on!

The framing walk-through is the time at which the framing of a new home has been completed. Before we can move forward with construction, we bring together the homeowner and the contractors who will be doing the HVAC, plumbing, and cabinetry as well as the framer. This type of collaborative meeting helps unify the team with the vision of the client and reduces the number of mistakes.

At this meeting the homeowner instructs us where they want certain things located such as gas piping, shower heads (You want them tall? We put them tall!), and exterior hose bibs. Homeowners also decide how wide they want their doors and the height of their fireplace hearth. If you want attic or crawl space somewhere out of the way, here’s your chance. There are other things that you may not even think about, but we do.

This is the nature of a truly custom home that’s tailored to its owner. These are the homes we build every day.

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