Recently a prospective client stopped by our office to talk about building a new home.  The first question they really wanted an answer to was what the price per square foot would be to build their dream home.  This is a common question that comes up initially when we meet people.  Our answer is unconventional, but 100% true….”We don’t know…you tell us.”  (Of course we say this with a smile.)

Our custom home building process doesn’t fit into a nice little box of price per square foot quotes.  It really starts out with a visit to the property that the client wants to build their home on.  Once we understand the property and the infrastructure needed to develop the home we can start building a budget.  We have an employee that is specifically dedicated to estimating and budgeting for our clients.  His expertise in this area of our business delivers a detailed itemized budget that is completely transparent.  No hidden costs or fees.  Another benefit to our clients is that once we know the property and know what our client wants to build, we can turn around an estimate for them in about 1 hour.  We recognize that time is of the essence during the decision making process of building and we are proud to offer this service to our clients.

A key role in preparing a solid budget is our designer.  Our designer works with the client to filter through their ideas and understand how the home should look when it is finished.  We call this “the selections process”.  We have found that our client selections can be a minimum of 40% of an overall budget.  Having a professional to assist our clients with their selections and follow through to make sure the selections are assembled and executed is very important.  We put this resource in place for our clients because we really believe it is a value. 

With our Quail Team members dedicated to budget and design, partnered with our client; we create a unique one of a kind budget just for them.   Every home is different, just like a snowflake. That is why we can smile and give the unconventional answer to a price per square foot.  “We don’t know… tell us.” 

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