Q: Can you explain Universal Design?

A: Throughout my building career I have been passionate about Universal Design. Some might think that Universal design is just for old people. That is just not true. We don’t have to be old to appreciate this. We look at all building plans with this in mind. My belief is that Universal Design when done correctly makes all homes better to live.

We examine hallway widths, door openings and door thresholds so that they functionally improve mobility. I recently was carrying something from our garage into our home. I tripped on the step that enters our home. In a better designed home that wouldn’t happen.

Some care for an elder. Some are thinking they might in the future. We design for that in every home we build.

We make sure proper radiuses are designed in the kitchen and bathrooms. We want to make sure that someone in a walker or wheelchair will be comfortable. All our master bathroom showers have no thresholds when entering the shower. We make sure you have proper access to the toilet. We specify toilets that meet special needs.

Levered door handles make it much easier to open a door. Single level plumbing fixtures that are easy to operate. Rocker –type light switches. Better access to electrical outlets. These are simple measures that make life a lot easier.

We take the long term approach to home design. Most of the Universal Design concepts are much easier to do while you build than after you move in. We go to great lengths to ensure that we set our customers up for success.

It makes sense to design a home that is flexible to all your future needs.

I suggest that if you are building or remodeling look into these Universal Design concepts. They really do help you live better.

Build well and enjoy life.

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