Previously, we shared information on low maintenance downspouts with easy-to-access clean outs. Alternatives to those downspouts include rain chains and artistic downspouts. Both act as functional art to enhance the beauty of the exterior of your home.

Rain Chains

rain chain


With a rain chain, water that would normally go down the downspout into your rain drainage system instead runs down the chain into a pseudo collection vessel. The purpose of this collection vessel is mostly decorative as the bottom of the vessel contains a hole into which the rain drains, just like any other downspout would, into your drainage system.

Installation is made easy by attaching the chain to a bracket in your gutter. There is no maintenance required for rain chains and there are many style options. The Quail homeowner from above chose a chain that resembled leaves to follow the aesthetics of their home.

Artistic Downspouts

water wheel


If you prefer a gutter and downspout system, you might want to consider an artistic downspout. Some artistic downspouts contain moving parts to create a whimsical art form. Like this water wheel from Art of Rain.

Installation is simple with a plug and go system that replaces your existing downspout without modifications. They act just like regular downspouts to carry water to your drainage system. Water wheels do like to be lubricated once a year with a drop of WD-40.

There’s no reason you couldn’t use a combination of gutters and rain chains/artistic downspouts to achieve a distinctive look on your next home. That’s the beauty of truly custom home building that Quail Homes does.

Thank you to Art of Rain for water wheel education and additional content.