Our homes aren’t cookie-cutter boxes and, as a result, building a Quail home is always exciting but not without it’s challenges. Luckily, we’ve surrounded ourselves with the best contractors and vendors who appreciate the challenge as much as we do.

Case in point: This Quail Homes’ new home construction in Woodland, WA with numerous custom features for the framing team to consider. Not least of which is the fact that the home is being built on the side of a hill. Let’s get the details from Michael at ML Framing. Read on!

unique quail homes view
“This home is unique because of the land. With the home being built into a hill like this you end up with what is called a ‘daylight basement’. From the front, the house looks like a one story home, but from the back and sides you see it is a two story home. It is harder to frame these types of homes at the beginning.”

framing daylight basement
“‘Framing out of the hole’ takes a little more time, but once we have the main floor framed the home is just like a normal frame from that point forward. This particular home took us 5 weeks to frame. We take a little more time on the first couple of days with a daylight basement. We shoot a laser on the 4 corners and make sure that we frame out of the hole perfectly square and level. It’s a little more difficult for the concrete guys to leave us with a perfect foundation because the concrete walls are much taller in the front and continue to step down towards the back. You can see the evidence of this with the side picture (above).”

seriously with that view
(Seriously with that view.)

“This home features a media room that has a custom floor framed so there is a platform like a movie theater.”

framing movie theater“The ceilings downstairs are very tall. 12′ 9″ ceilings on the lower (level) and upstairs on the main level we have 9′ ceilings, except in the entry and great room where we have 11′ ceilings. There is also a 3 car garage. The garages on these type of lots are different than on a flat lot. We actually framed this garage floor and the concrete flat work will be poured over the top of our ‘suspended garage floor’. On a flat lot the garage slab is poured over the gravel on the ground that is compacted.”

three car garage
Thank you for your fine craftsmanship and for sharing your experience with us Michael!

All photo credit to ML Framing.