Q: How do you maintain patience through the Inspection Process?

A: The Inspector’s job is to make sure the home is built to how the plan was approved. Building codes and planning rules will govern the decisions made by the inspector.

A typical new home construction can have up to 20 inspections (not including inspections for corrections). That is a lot of inspections. Typically, inspections will add two to four weeks to a job schedule. Sometimes a job will look like it is at a ‘standstill’ while waiting for inspections and or re-inspections of corrections. A lot of work by the new home builder and its subcontractors/vendors is underway during these ‘standstill’ moments.

Sometimes the hardest part of managing a job is navigating through corrections requested by an inspector.

We need to be patient through the inspection process. Our patience can be tested. I find it best to when a subjective interpretation of the rules by an inspector occurs that we try to really understand what is being asked. Rather than getting upset, we really try to understand and use the correction as a learning process.

Our subcontractors and vendors are running at full tilt right now. I encourage them to perform their work correctly the first time so that it won’t trigger a correction. A minor correction can really irritate a subcontractor or vendor because they feel that they don’t have the time to go back and fix something.

They may be their perception but not mine. One must do the work correctly. That is in one’s control. A subjective inspector is not in our control. The only thing you can do is to plan on some corrections to occur into your schedule. Once your mindset accepts that it is much easier to have patience.

Next week I will discuss the budgeting.

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