Our topic last week was about taking a preliminary project through the permitting process. All of the permit documentation that’s submitted and approved by the municipality prior to building, acts as the beginning of a series of inspections that take place on the job site as we are building. The inspections are to make sure we are adhering to the rules, codes, and regulations that pertain to the particular project that was approved for building. Every construction project is different, but there are some consistent inspections that are required on every home build that address fire, life, and safety.

Inspections take place throughout the construction build. A lot of the days an inspection is scheduled, there is no other work that can take place until the scope of work being inspected is approved by the inspector. The amount of days varies, but it is not unusual to have 15 days during the construction process that inspections take place. If an inspector calls out a needed correction, a re-inspection is required once that scope of work is taken care of. This, of course, adds days to the “15” number we just mentioned.

Here is an example of inspections that may need to take place during construction:


Our project ends with a final occupancy inspection. This takes place after the project has passed final mechanical, electrical, plumbing inspections. Our clients are anxious at this point because we are typically days away from them moving into their brand new dream home and we are anxious to deliver it for them! An inspector is looking for fire, life, and safety issues at the final inspection. Something as simple as a smoke detector not working or a trip hazard will prohibit the approved inspection and final occupancy issuance. Our construction manager does everything they can to be on site at the time of this inspection to mitigate any concerns that the inspector might bring up. In most cases our onsite construction manager has built a mutually trusted relationship with the inspectors. Not only is that relationship key to overcoming the inevitable hurdles that come up during the inspection process, but also the fact that Quail Homes is known as a quality builder.

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