Nicole Smith Designer Quail HomesNicole was born and raised in Longview Washington. She graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Interior Design. She’s been with Quail Homes since 2012.

Her favorite things about her job include taking ideas, sketches, and pictures and making them come to life in the homes she designs. She designs for longevity with details that make it easy for each individual home owner to live the way they want so they can age in place. The result being a home that is so comfortable and unique that an owner doesn’t have to leave it until they decide to.

Nicole is a partner with the home owner from the very beginning through the completion of the home. She assists clients with space design during the concept stage. The relationship evolves during the course of construction to help clients with selections like paint color, lighting, and flooring. All the while watching to be sure we’re not exceeding the budget. As an advocate for our clients, there’s a level of comfort and integrity that Nicole provides as a home owner realizes they aren’t going through the construction process solo.

She is currently studying for Sustainable Homes Professionals credentials which will enable her to get to the nitty-gritty of better built, sustainable design.

When she’s not designing custom homes for us, she enjoys ballroom dancing and cooking.

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