Northwest Energy Star Homes fall into line with Quail Homes Build Smart standards.  They are more comfortable than a code-built home and they save you money on your utility bills every month. Every Northwest Energy Star certified home is built to meet energy efficiency guidelines set for by the Environmental Protection Agency. From energy efficient windows to advanced heating and cooling systems, Energy Star homes guarantee greater savings, comfort and peace of mind.

Courtesy of Energy Star

Courtesy of Energy Star

These homes feature:

1)      Properly installed high efficiency insulation that provides a comfortable living space and saves on energy costs. Insulation installation is inspected to verify all installation measures are covered.

2)      Sealed duct system protects indoor air quality and decreases a home’s energy use.  Duct work is tested to assure optimal performance.

3)      Energy Star appliances and lighting deliver the newest technology and tested performance with sacrificing feature, comfort, and style.

4)      Moisture management details ensure a tightly sealed building envelope. This prevents mold and moisture from compromising the home

5)      High performance heating and cooling systems that are properly designed, sized, installed, and performance tested to ensure proper distribution of conditioned air throughout the house.

6)      High efficiency water heating equipment. According to the EPA heating your water heater represents 15-25% of residential energy consumption.  Energy Star homes are required to meet high efficiency standards guaranteeing that water is heated and stored with less energy.

7)      High performance windows and doors employ advanced technologies to help keep heat in during the water and out during the summer.

8)      Performance testing and quality is performed by an independent third party to ensure that the home meets the Northwest Energy Star standards.

There are a lot of programs available to measure the efficiency of a home, but which one is best? Northwest Energy Star is just one of the rating programs available. There are a lot of similarities between the different programs.  The most important piece is to have a third party inspector qualify your home to meet the standards your home should be built to. 

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