We want to share the process of building a Quail home from start to finish. Previously we discussed the foundation of this home and it’s obvious significance.

The home is now at the post and beam stage. That means the framework is going in that provides the support for the decking for the floor and the rest of the custom home. You can see that in these artfully collected pictures from our builder in the field, Buz. Black and white. Ansel Adams would be proud.

Side note. It’s been raining and our erosion control methods are holding nicely.

erosion control
Last time, you’ll recall that we talked about the network of rods that are encased in the concrete of the foundation and how the framing materials for the home gets attached to those rods or “tie downs”. The idea being that a home that is securely fastened to its foundation won’t blow away. Below, you’ll see the boards are being attached to the tie downs in the foundation.

By the way, this home is going to have great views.

foundation tie downs
…and closer…

foundation framework
We’re going to keep the floor open like that for a bit to allow for City of Washougal inspections and so the plumber can do their under-floor plumbing work.
underfloor framing
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