Jon Jirod DeLorean Quail HomesThis week we had the rare opportunity to sit down with our extended Quail Team, our subs and vendors, for an appreciation breakfast. This was a special time that we were able to recognize everyone for their hard work and dedication in the home building process.  We could not Build Smart without these key players who are dedicated to the same standards as we are. 

These guys and gals frequently go above and beyond for our clients; however their efforts aren’t always recognized. It was a great honor to host breakfast, chat about our experiences, and collectively look for areas we can focus on in the future to improve. We appreciate the feedback we received and look forward to implementing some changes to increase our unity and make things simpler for everyone. It is the face-to-face meetings and the dedication of our team that set us apart and makes building with the Quail Team different. 

Besides taking care of business, we also had some fun too with a flashback to 1985!  Gary from Designs NW, was generous enough to bring a DeLorean to celebrate the day, October 21st 2015… Back to the Future Day. Thank you to Gary for making the meeting fun while fulfilling the dreams some of us have to sit in a DeLorean.  Even better, we all know now that we can have our very own flux capacitor app on our smart phones!  

Here are a couple of pictures of our breakfast attendees with the DeLorean.  From Left to right: Lonny from Perfect Climate, Oleg from Suburban Door, Tim from Stromme Construction, and our own Don. (Click on the individual images below to enlarge.)


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