Exterior Insulation Quail HomesWe are excited to announce a new way of bringing air tightness, improved thermal value, and increased moisture management to our homes. First a little back story.

We have been successfully building our homes with staggered studs in the walls to help create a thermal break which reduces heat transfer from inside to outside of our new homes (and vice/versa). It helps to keep our homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Owens Corning Building Science

Foam Board Insulation Exterior Quail Homes


Thanks to leaps in building science and our exclusive arrangement with Owens Corning, we’ve recently changed our home building recipe to include the addition of 1″ thick continuous exterior foam board insulation. It encases our homes in blanket-type insulation over the entire structure which adds additional R-value to the home and helps achieve greater home tightness. We’re the only home builder in the area building this way. The result? Our homeowners enjoy a comfortable, energy efficient and durable home.

For people that are “married” to the staggered stud technique, we’d be happy to build a home in that manner if asked. However, with the exterior foam insulation in place, it could be considered redundant and may not be cost effective for the home owner.

Just another way we Build Smart.

This blog post was as a result of a question we received in an email. If you have questions you’d like us to answer, email us. The Quail Homes Main Office is located in Vancouver, WA.