This testimonial from Quail home owners Drew and Michelle is an endorsement for the process of how we build our homes, the energy efficient features, and the people who make it all work.

“We interviewed 4 other contractors over 3 years before meeting with Jon (Girod) from Quail.

We choose to build with Quail Homes for multiple reasons. We enjoyed meeting with Jon and his ideals for his company. Jon’s itemized, estimated building list was important for our budget and his unique ideas for an energy efficient home appealed to us. Something that other contractors did not offer.

Quail Homes offers the benefit of making architectural changes to stock plans without an extra cost. This saved us $10,000. A cost savings we saw fit to help make our home energy efficient.

To us, the most important benefit of choosing Quail is Jon’s unique, itemized list of estimated costs. Jon then gets harder quotes from the sub-contractors. As you approach each step in the building process you know what that specific project will cost you. This is very important if you’re following a budget. In building your own custom home there are times when you change your mind in your design. Quail will let you know how much the design change will cost. This also works in the other direction as far as savings. For example, we did our own construction cleanup thru-out the process. Used our lumber for some detail work. and incorporated some of our own fixtures.

Building a home is not without stress. To help ease the stress it is imperative to have a successful project manager be an extension to your voice and Quails best quality is Brandy (McEllrath).

She was always available to answer questions and if any issues presented itself, she would give us the result we were looking for. Brandy was absolutely priceless during this adventure and not afraid to get her hands dirty if she needed to. I can’t say enough good things about how beneficial she was throughout the process. For anyone building or even remodeling, Brandy will be your advocate.”

Thanks Drew and Michelle! We enjoyed working with you too!

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This home was designed by our Kristy Voss.

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testimonial home