Quail’s Home Building Process

Choose New Home Site

The home site can be land you own, land you have found, or we can find that special piece of property for you.

Choose Floor Plan

Search for a plan on Quail’s website, from other sources or we can custom design a plan for you.

Perform Lot Feasibility

Quail will analyze the lot or land to determine what infrastructure is required, estimated permitting costs, and all other factors that determine the ultimate questions: Can I build there and for how much? View our lot feasibility process.

Acquire Plans

If needed, Quail will purchase home plans in an electronic format to allow for true customization by our designers.

Customize & Personalize

Our team will customize the home and its features to fit how you want to live. We utilize tools like Pinterest & houzz to create your ultimate dream home.

Approve Custom Plan

After the planning phase, you will approve the custom plans so Quail can submit for building permits.

Develop Home Budget

Once the land and home plan are chosen; the Quail team will develop a detailed estimate for your home package.

Selections Process

You will work with Quail and our supply team to choose items that make the home special & unique. View our selections process.

Sign Contract

Quail and you will enter in to a contract for the home package.

Submit Loan Package

If needed, a loan package will be submitted to your lender for you.

Create Package for Permits

Quail will take the approved plans and package appropriate documents for permit submittal. View our building permit package process.

Submit Building Permits

Allow between 3-6 weeks for municipalities to approve and return permits in order for construction to start.

Receive Building Permits

If a loan is in place, have the lender ready to fund for permits, otherwise you will reimburse Quail for the permits.

Pre-construction Meeting & Draw Orientation

Prior to construction we will review all aspects of the job with you with an emphasis on establishing excellent communication between yourself and Quail. State 1 selections are due at this time. As work is performed each month, funding is required to pay for that months activity.

Pre-framing Gutters & Garage Floor Meeting

An on site meeting with you, the construction manager, framer, & lumber provider. This takes place prior to framing so all details & materials needed are accounted for. Down spout locations and garage floor concrete grades will also be established at this meeting. View our pre-framing, gutters, & garage floor meeting process.

Siding, Concrete & Door/Window Walk-thru

An on site meeting with your construction manager and window/door representative will take place to address window/door clarifications. Siding types and locations are also reviewed with the sider and supplier. Concrete areas will also be laid out at this time. View our siding, concrete, & door/window walk-thru process.

Finish Selections

Stage 2 selections are due prior to the Framing Walk-thru. Final sign offs will come soon after.

Framing Walk-thru

An on site meeting with your construction manager, framer, plumber & HVAC contractor, after the start of framing to confirm scope of work and address any changes. View our framing & mechanical walk-thru process.

Electrical Walk-thru

An on site meeting with you, the construction manager, and electrician, will take place to review all electrical needs prior to drywall. View our electrical walk-thru process.

Millwork Walk-thru

An on site meeting with your construction & selections manager, trim carpenter & supplier, will take place to review all millwork details prior to starting millwork. View our millwork walk-thru process.

Quail Quality Control Walk-thru

Quail team will finish a quality control checklist during this walk-thru, in order to provide a home completed to the RWC & NAHB building standards.

Homeowner Orientation

Quail will familiarize you with your new home, how the equipment operates, and the details of your warranty. If necessary, you will develop a punch list for Quail to complete prior to moving in or soon thereafter.

Client Move-in

Keys will be awarded after Homeowner Orientation.

Job Closeout & Warranty

Quail to provide client with an As-Built package, rebates and energy efficiency certificate. Your new home warranty is outlined in your RWC and NWAHB building standards.