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Have you heard the slogan “ Heartbeat of America”?  What about the heartbeat of a home? Beautifully designed kitchens have become the heartbeat of a home. The kitchen island is a gathering spot for entertaining, a practical area to prepare and enjoy meals with family and friends, and can be a focal point for the popular great room design. With this in mind, having the right countertops are important. Today countertops seem to come in an endless amount of colors and material.  So, how does one even start to choose?  Let’s start with some facts about quartz vs. granite:

1) Appearance: Both offer many visual differences and are a matter of taste. Some people like the look of granite natural stone and the variations that come with it. Others like a wider variety of patterns and color choices that are offered with quartz.

2) Durability: Granite is very durable and is often thought of as the most durable counter material. Granite is known for being resistant to cracks and chips. Quartz is a man made material that rates higher on the hardness scale and is even a little more resistant to damage.

3) Maintenance/Repairs: Granite offers stain resistance if it is properly sealed annually. Dings and minor scratches can be easily filled with a color-matching epoxy or resin. Quartz is nonporous material with anti-microbial properties and it doesn’t need sealing. Damage to quartz is trickier to repair than granite and should be done by a professional.

4) Price: Quartz is slightly higher in price than granite.

quartz countertop


As we mentioned, there are nearly endless choices when you also consider other surface options like laminate, Corian, cement, wood, marble, tile, Formica, and stainless steel.

Remember these tips when you are scouting for a countertop for the heartbeat of your home and other countertops in your home. At Quail Homes our clients work with our team and industry colleagues to hunt for a perfect countertop application for their dream home that will bring many years of happiness.

Happy hunting!