What home automation isn’t. It’s isn’t a robot. It’s not HAL 9000*. It’s not C-3PO or Rosie from The Jetsons. Their time may come but right now, not so much. So, home automation = no robots. We digress.

Imagine that you’re comfortable in bed (maybe you actually are…even better!) but you need a late night trip down the hall. Lacking your own Rosie or C-3PO, you turn on the series of lights that illuminate the way to a darkened room where you fumble for the switch and hope you don’t trip over the cat along the way. We know this normal, small inconvenience isn’t a life-or-death matter. But what if you could use the iPhone at your bedside to turn on only the lights you need even before your feet hit the floor? This is where home automation comes in.

home automation panel


Many homeowners are choosing to connect certain systems in their home to smart home technology that allows them to control things like lighting (reducing energy consumption), heating and cooling (saving them money and making them more comfortable), home security (keeping them safe), and even window shades (utilizing passive solar). These systems can be operated by using predetermined programmable settings, by remote control, or from handheld devices. Even if you’re somewhere else. Like in bed or across the country.

Sure, it’s neat. We like neat. More than that, we believe that home automation will assist you with energy savings and safety as well as convenience. We’re all about life’s little conveniences. At least until Rosie comes along.

See our Smart Home technology in action (by appointment only), visit the Lutron website, and hear our Jon Girod talking about what you might need in your next home here.

*Any mention of HAL 9000 is for robot example purposes only and not intended to deter the reader from home automation. Instead, please focus on friendly robots.