According to the Clark County Regional Wastewater District, the average family sends approximately 200 gallons of wastewater down the drain every day. 200 gallons! Every time you use a faucet, do laundry, or flush a toilet you are creating wastewater.

We believe a sustainable building should use water efficiently, reduce, control, and/or treat site runoff, and reuse or recycle water for on-site use (when feasible). One of our home designers recently spotted a neat option that repurposes the grey water from hand washing in a unique way.

Resembling something you might see at your dentist’s office, SinkPositive is a retrofit for your toilet lid that quickly and easily turns it into a sink that delivers a clean, environmentally friendly, and touch-free hand wash with every flush. Here’s how it works.

Clean water is rerouted through a supply line to the faucet on top instead of filling the tank. Flushing triggers the water to flow from the faucet. The grey water from your hand washing then drains directly into the toilet bowl. The reuse of this soapy water to fill the bowl helps in saving gallons of water for your household each day. Easy cheesy.

sinkpositive retrofitIt’s easy to install, works well in tight spaces, and saves water. We dig it.

Image and information used by permission from SinkPositive.