Even in the Pacific Northwest solar power is a source of clean, renewable energy. The problem is that the average home uses more energy when the sun doesn’t shine, in the morning and evening hours, than it does during the day. Shorter: The sun does not shine when we need its energy to power our homes the most. That means the free energy generated by the sun can largely go unused.

As a leader in technologically advanced, innovative home building, we think that’s a shame. A sustainable home requires a need to be able to store sunlight collected from solar panels during the day for use whenever we need it.

The recently announced Tesla Powerwall appears to be the missing piece of the home energy storage puzzle.

harness store power
Powerwall enables homes to store sustainable and renewable energy from the sun. It works as a supplement to public power or as a stand-alone source for those that want to live off grid. In the event of a public electrical outage, it automatically switches to battery power. This is particularly helpful for people that live in remote areas. They are wall mounted (in your garage or outside), are more-or-less flat (7.1”), and carry a warranty of 10 years.

Powerwall wallmount charger
Perhaps more importantly, the use of Powerwall with solar panels is a move off fossil fuels. So the planet will thank you.

If you have questions about solar power generation or storage for your home, please give us a call.

(All images courtesy of Tesla Motors, Tesla Energy, and Powerwall.)