Foundation Rods Quail HomesFoundation Rods

Every new home built by Quail Homes is built for longevity. That is one of our unwavering core values. A home that lasts for generations must have the stability of a firm foundation. Let’s take a look at our trade partners Vision Concrete on the construction site as they create that firm foundation for a new Quail home.

These exposed pegs are actually an elaborate network of rods that have been firmly encased in concrete to form the foundation. You can see a picture of the exposed network in our prior blog post.

Foundation Quail HomesFinished Foundation

The finished foundation will be waterproofed and backfilled. In this case, the foundation has been designed to also act as a retaining wall.

The wood framing materials for the home get attached to the rods to hold the house on its foundation. If you’ve seen Wizard of Oz, you understand the importance of securing a home to its foundation.

This will be an approximately 2200 square foot single level home built by Quail Homes. If you’re having a difficult time envisioning the finished product, you’re in luck. We’re going to try and update you along the way so you can see its progress.