We’ve recently lucked out with a few really beautiful days! It is such a nice change in weather here in the Northwest…we even had a little of our local liquid sunshine that we all love so much the other night. During the stretch of near 100 degree weather it was apparent how the sun can affect our comfort. Designing and building a home around the sun is the smart thing to do even in the Pacific Northwest. At Quail Homes we Build Smart!

There are many things to consider when building with the sun in mind. There are tools available to calculate the angle, position, and the path of the sun across the sky. These tools assist us when placing a home in its optimal location on property. This location gives the owner the maximum positive benefits of the warmth, energy for solar panels, and light the sun provides, but also helps mitigate the heat and UV damage the sun can cause in a home. Designing a home with extended overhangs is a good way to provide shade protection on windows while still allowing the natural light and views. This home is in the framing stage, but you can see by the shadow how it will provide shade protection in the future once it’s completed.

natural lightWindows are an important element in design. Capturing a view, natural light, a fresh breeze….all of these are considered with our home designs. Typically a room that is capturing a view has large picture windows. There are options for solar tinting in a few different colors that help to reduce UV damage and keep the heat at bay. U-value for a code standard window is .30. If you have a room with a lot of windows this won’t provide enough protection. Upgrading to windows with an extra low E coating would be very beneficial for the longevity of the furniture, flooring, and the comfort in the room.

extended overhangs


Windows, overhangs, home orientation…just a few examples of how Quail Homes builds smart around the sun!

This short testimonial tells you more about how we considered the sun when building one of our homes.

Until next week, stay cool everyone!