Q: What advice do you have for Master Bathroom Showers?

A: When thinking about the Master Bathroom Shower I would suggest thinking forward. Think about how you have lived in the past, how you live now, and how you envision yourself or selves living 5, 10, 15, or 20 years down the road. The design and build accordingly.

Showers can be built with fiberglass units, a fiberglass pan with tile walls or fully tile. (When I say tile it could be other products that are set in place as well.)

When using fiberglass you are somewhat limited on sizes and configurations. When using tile, you really have the ability to customize to any size or shape. This has become the preferred method.

I highly recommend that you really think about how you want to prevent a water problem when using tile. Before the tile is set, have a firm understanding of how water leakage prevention measures are implemented. We build our showers so that there is not a threshold to step over while entering the shower. We frame the door of the shower lower than the bathroom floor. We then will bring in a subcontractor that will build a customized fiberglass underlayment that will help prevent leaks. We then will build the subfloor of the shower so that the water while showering will drain properly. (Note: we pay close attention that this is done correctly.)

We like to frame for grab bars and benches in our showers. Sometimes clients will not want to have a shower door (they don’t want to clean glass doors). We will then design and frame the shower accordingly.

I would suggest you have two shower valves. One that is fixed and the other that is hand held.

I also enjoy reading the paper daily. Thank you for doing so.

Next week I will discuss water heaters.

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