Q: What is an EPS score?

A: Energy Performance Score (EPS) is a rating system that assesses the energy consumption and carbon emissions of a home. The EPS scoring system is being promoted by the Energy Trust of Oregon. Its use will be on new and existing homes in Oregon.

The EPS is similar to the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) that we use here in Clark County. Monthly energy costs, energy consumption and a homes’ carbon footprint are estimated.

The intent of these rating systems is to give the consumer a means for which to evaluate energy efficiency in housing. Both rating systems are based on numerical values. The lower the number the better.

What I find interesting is the momentum behind these rating systems. The Energy Trust of Oregon is marketing EPS very aggressively. They are using a multi-media approach to get the word out. One advertisement that I really like was showing a photo of two identical homes—on the surface they do look the same—yet their energy consumption was completely opposite. It won’t be long that all new homes will have some sort of a rating system. Consumers will see these scores on property listings and sales material.

What does this mean?

If you build a new home today you really want to incorporate energy efficient concepts that are favorable to a scoring system like EPS or HERS. When it is time to sell—you will want proof of how well your home scored. Buying decisions and sales price will be judged on these rating systems.

Who provides these scores?

A third party Verification Company like Earth Advantage provides inspections and documentation for either scoring system. You will see growth in these types of inspections. I liken it to what happen to home inspections. Home inspections used to be uncommon. Now they are almost on every existing home.

Build well and enjoy life.

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