We must have an excellent process in communicating so that our clients trust us. We must provide them timely and pertinent information so that they feel comfortable throughout the build process. Otherwise we can easily get overwhelmed with the daily barrage of texts, emails and phone calls. I can’t think of anything more important in running our business than a top-notch communication system.

We have been working on an effective weekly communication tool that we call the ‘Weekly Status Report’. The report is milestone driven.  Let me explain.

These milestones include design, permitting, home-owners association approvals, change orders, pre-construction meeting, framing walk through, electrical walk through and client orientation prior to move in. All the milestones have dates included. This helps us and the clients to be able to be on the same page and help eliminating guess work and creating doubt.

All decisions related to each job is timed around each milestone. For instance: prior to a Pre-construction meeting we want all client decisions made prior to conducting the meeting. These decisions are items like windows, plumbing fixtures, heating/cooling, fireplace, exterior doors, etc.

Prior a framing walkthrough we want decision made on flooring, countertops, drywall types, interior paint, etc.

This allows us to conduct our walkthroughs so that we focus on confirming decisions rather than working in a discovery mode.

We feel our discipline of providing a Weekly Status Report’ goes along ways in us providing accurate and timely builds. It also reinforces trust during the building process.

Our Model Home (7909 NE 78th Street—across from Crossroads Church) is open Fridays-Mondays from 10a-4p or visit Quail Reserve in Battle Ground GPS address: 1802 SE 16th St, Battle Ground.

If you are thinking about downsizing…. Consider Quail…. you’ve earned it!!

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