My wife is a 6th-grade math teacher at McLoughlin Middle School. They were told prior to spring break to move out of their old classrooms and move into beautiful new ones. It looks like that will be on pause for some time. It has just been announced remote learning will be taking place. What does that mean for the Role of the Home for teachers? What about those adults with kids that now need to learn from home? How does one as an adult work from home and have their kid’s classroom at home? What about those in college? It seems to me that these changes will not be temporary. A new kind of in-classroom and remote learning may be a byproduct of what we are currently going through. Most likely it will be the same for adult workers. They will blend working from the home and at the office. Will exercising be any different? How about entertaining? How about daycare? The new normal for the home is now required to have designs for working environments, classrooms, family entertainment centers, virtual meeting platforms, a renewed focus on cooking and eating at home, home healthcare, exercise/hobby centers, sanctuaries, staycations and I am sure many more functions not mentioned. The importance of Quality Design and Flexibility in Customizing to each homebuyer will be critical in satisfying homebuyers’ newly emphasized desires. We at Quail Homes are positioned perfectly to meet those needs. It gives us all great pride to meet the changing needs of our clients. Our model home is open 12-4 on Saturdays and Sundays. Check our website for its location. We are following all the safety protocols and have plenty of PPE supplies on hand. We hope to see you make a visit. If you are thinking about downsizing…. Consider Quail…. you have earned it!! I hope this helps and thank you for reading the newspaper.

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