Good News, Bad News, Good News We have had plenty of practice during this Covid period in delivering bad news to our constituents. A technique that we use is to deliver Good News then Bad News then Good News. It is called the “Sandwich” technique. I thought I would right an article using the technique.


THE GOOD NEWS: We live in a growth market. The people who live here want to stay here. We also have people from outside our area want to move here. We also have a renewed focus on the home. Both existing homes and new homes are either being upgraded or purchased at the highest levels since 2006. During this pandemic period, we have been fortunate to be able to work. We are appreciative.


THE BAD NEWS: The labor and supply chains are maxed out. Remember trying to get toilet paper? The same thing is going on with building materials. Let me share with you a couple of examples. Appliances. The existing home market is purchasing new appliances because when more people are staying at home they cook more from home. They are either upgrading or replacing appliances at historic levels. Factories can only produce using Covid protocols. Thus demand is higher than supply. Lumber. There is not a shortage of lumber. There is a breakdown in the logistics of getting the lumber from the mills to the lumber yard. Canadian Lumber is shipped by rail. Their rail cars can only carry half loads until the winter thaw occurs. The trucking industry is short of over 10,000 drivers. There is not enough drivers to pick loads of lumber from the rail to get it to the lumber yard. The suppliers are supplying the builders on an allocation basis. They are rating the builders on an A, B and C basis. ’A’ builders get product. ‘B’ builders might get product. ‘C’ builders are put on hold.


The Good News: Quail Homes is an ‘A’ builder. We can get product—sometimes slowly. An ‘A’ builder is categorized by paying on time, have their jobsites ready, scheduling well and having accurate plans and specifications. We have had a long history of being a builder of choice by our trade partners. In times like now, it pays off!! Our model home is open 12-4 on Saturdays and Sundays. Check our website for its location. We are following all the safety protocols and have plenty of PPE supplies on hand. We hope to see you make a visit.


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