A real shout out to all those that have helped to keep the curve flat and the workers that work tirelessly keeping us healthy. We are working under the Phase 1 guidelines outlined by our Governor. We are looking forward to the Phase 2 opening (early June) that will allow us to sell and build in a more normal way. In the last 90 days we have all witnessed a new emphasis on the home. The home is now being used as working environments, classrooms, family entertainment centers, virtual meeting platforms, a renewed focus on cooking and eating at home, home healthcare, exercise/hobby centers, sanctuaries, staycations and I am sure many more functions not mentioned. The importance of Quality Design and Flexibility in Customizing to each homebuyer will be critical in satisfying homebuyers’ newly emphasized desires. We at Quail Homes are positioned perfectly to meet those needs. We specialize in meeting the needs of the Empty Nester buyers. Many of which spend a lot of time in their homes. They have also lived. They know what they like and do not like in terms of a home’s design and function. It is important for us to take that into consideration with each client. We have spent the last 15 years Designing and Building homes that are customized to each Empty Nester buyer. No detail is too small. I enjoy spending the time working with our clients and designers to make sure we all are considering these lifestyle changes in our design process. I have found that if Quality Time and Quality Thought is put into the design process, you end up with a Quality Design. If you are thinking about downsizing…. Consider Quail…. you have earned it!!

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