When we started Quail Homes (1989) our first four homes we built we 1200 square feet 3 bedroom 2 bath single level homes. They were targeted for the Empty Nester buyer. It is hard to imagine that they were $79,900. A lot has changed since 1989, but one constant remains, our focus on the Empty Nester demographic. We absolutely love serving the needs of our clients. Our Core Purpose is to be the best Empty Nester builder in Southwest Washington. Most in our industry would think building a one level or master on the main home plan would solve the needs of the Empty Nester buyer. We have experienced the needs are much greater. Let me explain. First and foremost they need a trusted adviser. Much like an attorney for estate planning or an investment adviser for planning on living on a fixed income, the right builder will need to fill that advisory role in how to plan for that last housing transition. Most often financing and asset management are key components on a successful project. Empty Nesters have more to think about than someone buying their first or second home. We have to understand that and be able to communicate with the client and their advisers. We also have to work with lenders that are comfortable in creating the right financing (sometimes creative) to make the housing transition as smooth as possible. We as the builder take a lead role in bringing all this together. Logistics like where to live while building the home becomes a real head scratchier. We have to understand their goals and help them reach them. Some have the luxury to live in their current homes while the new one is built. Others have to rent. Finding a short term rental can be difficult. It is common for us to reach out to our extended network to help. Helping clients sell their home is another area where we help. We are full service. A trusted handyman or a trusted real estate agent can be very helpful. It is quite common that we provide names to our clients. I hold a real estate license just for this purpose. If you are thinking about downsizing….Consider Quail….you’ve earned it!!

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