Q:  Is honesty required when serving the Empty Nester?

A:  One thing that I have noticed as my parents have gotten older is that they don’t mind telling me what they think. Sometimes their comments come out of the blue and hit like a mule. Blunt, honest and most often right on point. Maybe that all comes from experiences.

We find when working with the 50+ group that we learn a lot. Each person has a rich history of life experiences. Most of the experiences we hear about are of those things that went wrong. What that means is we have a pretty good library of what not to do by each and every client.

What everyone wants is blunt truth. Each client has stories of when they were either mislead or bluntly lied to.  They have developed over time a built in mechanism of sensing when someone is telling them a story rather than the honest facts.

 A big turnoff is long winded explanations when things go wrong. I have the benefit of managing our whole business. I deal with lots of problems. What I like best is when I am presented a problem and I also get an “A” or “B” solution explained as well. When someone actually does this I am impressed because most don’t. What I like about being presented an “A” or “B” option is that the person explaining the problem has taken responsibility and actually took the time to think out a solution.

We find our clients feel the same way. Like me, they have experience behind them and can sense B.S.

I hope this helps and thank you for reading Ask The Builder.

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