It all starts at the top. I want crawl spaces that function properly. I do not want warranty calls for water in the crawl space. I have spent a lot of time collaborating with those who are involved in excavating the lot and building the foundation. I treat them as a team. Both groups have to work together for us to be successful.

Here is what we do:
  • When we dig out for the foundation the land/lot is graded so that it will have positive drainage in the crawl space to diagonally center of the crawl space
  • We place a french drain inside that crawl space (diagonally) so that all of the water will drain to the low point drain
  • We install drain pipes underneath the strip footings that allows water to drain to the french drain.
  • We fill the crawl space with 3-6”s of drain rock—oh it looks pretty too!!
  • All Trades that work during construction in around the crawl have been trained to respect it
  • Near the end of construction, we make sure the grades are true, then we install the vapor barrier and Radon protection products
I can guarantee you that if more builders followed these techniques that people will have no need to call people to come and fix their crawl spaces. Our Model Home (7909 NE 78th Street—across from Crossroads Church) is open Fridays-Mondays from 10a-4p. We will be holding one of our Quail Cottages at Quail Grove open on Sundays from 12-4pm. If you are thinking about downsizing…. Consider Quail…. you’ve earned it!!

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