It isn’t easy to work 60 plus hours during the work week and hold our Model Home open on Sundays. But it is worth it. Let me explain. There is no better place than holding our Model Home open for getting quality information. Potential home buyers get it straight from the guy who signs the checks, and I get information that helps us in many ways. I have found home seekers get extremely frustrated when shopping for a new home. They do a great job prescreening online, yet are disappointed when they take the time to personally visit new homes. Most often they are met by people who have difficulty answering their questions and or don’t receive information that is relevant to their search. Call me old school. I respect people who visit our homes. We put a huge focus on keeping our sites and models clean for our visitors. We also stock the right information so that our prospects get easy to read and understand information on our homes and communities. We make sure that we are open and available on our advertised hours (something not all that common). We stay late. If someone arrives near closing time we stay until they are satisfied (with no pressure to get done quickly). I enjoy helping potential home buyers get their questions answered. It is common for them to tell me that they have received more good information from me in 15 minutes of dialog than they do in all their other site visits with other builders. Buying a new home can be complicated. My efforts on Sundays are to help simplify it. Next article I will discuss what information I get from our open house visitors that is extremely beneficial. I hold out model home in Quail Reserve open on Sundays (1310 SE 21st Ave. Battle Ground, WA) If you are thinking about downsizing…. Consider Quail…. you’ve earned it!! I hope this helps and thank you for reading the newspaper.
Model Home

Quail Reserve Model Home


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